Everything Applique, the Basics. Will learn all of the appliqué techniques with focus on needle-turn appliqué.  (One of the most useful quilting techniques to learn.)
Make a small wall hanging.  (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

Quilt Repair. Learn the basic techniques to make repairs on quilts.  Discuss when to make repairs, how much to charge, resources---it’s all covered.  Bring in quilts or tops needing repairs for a “group” show & tell. (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

Dating Quilts. Learn quilt styles, colors and trends which help date quilts.  Bring in your quilts for a group bed turning where you get to see quilts from mid 1800s to current. (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

Finding My Voice. Quilters have often used their quilts as a way of expressing themselves!  What is a topic about which you have strong feelings?  Education?
The Environment?  Gun Control?  Gardens?  Put your ideas/feelings in a small wall hanging.  Lots of techniques discussed, raw edge appliqué, lettering, embellishing and the use of color to name a few!  (1 or 2 day workshop only.)

Getting Labeled! “Everything” about WHAT to put on your quilt labels.  (Note:  This workshop does not focus on how to make labels; although, there will be some discussion on that topic.)  Covers how to label “original work,” with copyright information, work “inspired from,” work with “written permission” and quilts with no information as to maker, etc.  Labeling quilts is one way to protect them!  (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

Make a 1940s Style Apron. Use the style, trims (rick rack), and fabric (feed sacks or not?) from the 1940s.  (NOTE:  Grab & Go Quilt Carrier can be substituted.)  (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

Mini Double Wedding Ring. Use modern techniques, of fusing and raw edge stitching, to make this sweet little quilt. (If you are a purest you can hand appliqué it!)  (1/2 day or 1 day only.)

4-Patch Sampler Wall Quilt. This is a “get serious” and master the techniques of consistent piecing and how to make a “perfect” binding!  (1 day or 2 day only.)

Memory Quilt. Memory quilts usually honor someone who has died.  But, you can make a special “memory” to honor a special person, living or dead, or a special event!  Many techniques shown and discussed such as photo transfer, inking, embellishments and paint sticks.  (1 day or 2 day only.)

Totem Quilt. Do you have a special connection with an animal, plant, flower or bird? That would be your totem!  Identify and make a quilt about your totem.
Many techniques discussed and demonstrated.  This is a “reach for it” workshop in that you can try different and new techniques.  You will make a small wall hanging and you can use traditional as well as newer techniques!  (1 day or 2 day only.)

Workshops can be ½ day (3 hours), 1 day (6 hours), and several can be 2 day (12 hours).  For retreats, consider the 2 day workshops!

Fees for workshops are $350.00 for ½ day, $550.00 for 1 day, and $800.00 for a 2 day workshop.  Limit 20 per workshop.  (If you have more you need to contact me!)
Supply lists will be provided for each workshop.  Some workshops have kits available for purchase.

Appraisal Days
I offer appraising services at quilt shows, shops and for individuals.  Your guild or organization can easily combine an “appraisal day” with a lecture and/or workshop!  If I am appraising at your quilt show then consider offering a ½ hour lecture on “quilt care” or “how to protect your quilts” sometime during the show!  Information for your press releases is available.
Fees for an appraisal is $45.00 and takes ½ hour to complete.