Most of my lectures have a historical perspective, examine quilting trends and practices, and have a topic-related trunk show.  Handouts are provided on “Quilt Care” as well as on other topics. Sharing “the story” of particular quilts adds a personal touch.  I welcome questions throughout my lecture as well as at the end.
* Lectures can be tailor-made for your group and needs.
** Lecture-related workshops are available.

“Shoot ‘em to Protect ‘em!” This lecture focuses on the necessary steps in how to protect and care for newly made and older quilts/tops.  Trunk show. (You asked for a clue?  S=snap photos of all of your quilts, newly made and older!!!)

A to Z: Bits and Pieces from the Appraiser’s Scrap Basket: This lecture shares bits of wisdom, stories, and other information as gathered from quilters past and present.  Quilt labels, hand or machine quilting, advice about your family quilts and quilt storage are just a few of the “bits” covered in this lecture.  Trunk show.

Quilt Restoration (repair) aka:  What to do when the dog takes a bite out of your quilt------or your ballpoint pen explodes on your quilt! When, what and how to complete basic repairs as well as what to do with those unfinished old tops/blocks!  Trunk show.  Samples welcome.

Women Speak with Needle and Thread: This lecture takes a look at women’s views and issues through their quilting from mid 1800s to present.  Trunk show.  Will have YOU thinking about your views/beliefs!

Quilts that Work: aka From the bedroom to the woodpile! All about “utility” quilts.  A historical perspective with trunk show.  Yes, quilts from the woodpile will make an appearance!

Art Quilts:  aka From the bed to the wall! A look at art quilts from a traditional point of view.  Surprises guaranteed!  Trunk show with mid 1800 quilts and new.  Just fun!

Crib Quilts: Today, we make a baby a quilt but, that wasn’t always the case.  A historical perspective of quilts and children with a trunk show of crib quilts from the mid 1800s.

Doll Quilts: When did children start having/making doll quilts?  The history of and our current love affair with doll quilts.  Trunk show of doll quilts from 1870s to current.

Feed Sacks: aka “Textile Bags.” A presentation about the history of and a trunk show of everything made with feed sacks.

You Say You Wear an Apron? All about the relationship between  aprons and work and includes a 1940s sentimental trip around Spring Green, WI  getting acquainted with the apron-wearing shop owners.
Lots of interesting and unusual aprons in this trunk show.  Looks at the renewed interest in aprons.

Quilts From the Great Depression: Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Double Wedding Ring and Dresden Plate quilts reflect the most popular patterns made during this time.  Some quilts of “making do” and “waste not, want not” from 1930s in this trunk show.

Memorial Quilts:  The Healing Art of Quilting. How folks have dealt with grief and loss by making quilts.  Covers the “Coffin Quilt” to the “Aids Quilt” and more.  Trunk show.

*Note:  For Longarm Quilting Groups
Let’s Talk About Longarm Quilting: Lecture specifically designed for longarm quilters.  Trunk show.

Look What I Found In My Grandmother’s Attic ! Members bring in their quilts & tops to be “dated,” condition noted and a range of value provided.  Discuss how to finish unquilted tops and blocks.  Small trunk show.

Lectures are 45-50 minutes with Q & A.
Fees for lectures are $400.00 per lecture plus mileage at the current IRS rate on the date of the lecture.