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Judy Zoelzer Levine
Judy Zoelzer Levine

Meet Judy Zoelzer Levine, a renaissance woman.  When you first meet Judy you can’t help but notice this attractive, petite woman’s semi-hippie appearance, especially her short, spiky hair.  This high energy woman has her finger in many pies----not to doodle but, because of her multiple talents and expertise.


Judy, a national award winning quilt artist has created an exceptional body of art most notable her “Body of Evidence” series.  This collection portrays how the female figure is viewed, adored, exploited and abused.

The teacher, Judy, has encouraged her traditional guild, North Shore Quilter’s Guild of Milwaukee to successfully construct, based on Judy’s design, three large pictorial quilts for Milwaukee Gilda’s Club community room.  Furthermore, Judy offers lectures and workshops with a focus on how to use difficult-to-handle fabric as well as many ways to embellish, such as beading.

Additionally, Judy serves as the treasurer for PAQA (Professional Art Quilters Alliance) an art guild which meets in the Chicago suburbs.  However, it is not just the new and contemporary that excites her interest.  Judy has also served as a board member and president of the Wisconsin Quilt History Project, the founders of the Wisconsin Quilt and Textile Museum in Cedarburg, WI.  In this capacity she has been part of the establishment of a facility designed to preserve traditional Wisconsin quilts.

Sew-Mad Bag

Design?  Yes, she does that as well.  Judy has designed a full line of hand bags.  But, that is not the only designing she undertakes as she also designs websites.  Meet, Judy Zoelzer Levine, the designer of my website.  For further information about  Judy contact her at her website: or write her at: [email protected]