Greetings!  My  name is Alexandra  Schweitzer but most folks call me, “Sandy.”  I am an American Quilt Society (AQS) Certified Quilt Appraiser.  As a quilt appraiser I especially want to share information on how you can protect both your old and newly-made quilts.

I offer lectures and workshops on a number of quilt-related topics that always have a historical reference along with a trunk show.  As a quilt historian I bridge the traditional to the present. I am a member of AQSG as well as several state quilt study groups.

I especially enjoy repairing old quilts to give them an extended life.  I both teach about quilt repair and I also repair quilts as a business.

And-----I am a quiltmaker!  I make both traditional and contemporary art quilts. My art quilts often convey a message or social commentary.  I am a member of PAQA (Professional Art Quilters Alliance) and SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association.)

I will be featuring a different quiltmaker, quilter, quilt or perhaps a book each month.  Come back and visit often.